integrated security solutions


Alpha Omega Global (AOG) provides integrated security solutions that help customers mitigate business and security risks, protect their people and their high value assets. Through the use of analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, strategic thinking and risk management expertise, AOG delivers viable operational solutions in a cost effective manner.

AOG is acknowledged as being conscious of multicultural diversity. AOG professionals are subject matter experts with backgrounds spanning a broad spectrum of international disciplines which include commercial security, military service (UK Special Forces), government, intelligence and law enforcement agencies (U.S. Secret Service).


Our experienced professionals specialize in risk management.
Businesses around the world are facing an extraordinary number of security challenges. Alpha Omega Global can help identify and manage the inherent risks and opportunities that successful businesses encounter.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to the highest professional, moral and ethical standards. We are always committed to doing the right thing. We look for more efficient ways to serve our clients because they come first in everything we do.
We are resourceful and adaptable, and we achieve consistent results.

Comprehensive Services

Through the consulting and risk management heritage of our professionals, we have gained unique perspectives on the challenges faced by our clients.

As the world evolves, so do the problems associated with security and stability.  Economic growth, redistribution of wealth and increases in political dissatisfaction produce a parallel evolution of security issues.

Technical surveillance is an underestimated and costly threat to global business and individuals.

Alpha Omega Global investigation team specialize in discrete investigations in partnership with your corporate security team, legal counsel and law enforcement officers to pursue recovery, prosecution, or other successful case resolution.

Alpha Omega Global offers tailored training solutions for corporations, executives, media, NGOs and law enforcement personnel. Our highly experienced trainers provide in depth knowledge derived from real world events and personal experience.