Investigative Services

Investigative Services

Alpha Omega Global investigation team specialize in discrete investigations in partnership with your corporate security team, legal counsel and law enforcement officers to pursue recovery, prosecution, or other successful case resolution. Our professionals will assist in designing viable strategies and implementation of key solutions reducing corporate losses and liabilities.


Your IT resources are often your largest information asset and they are also your biggest business liability. Computers never forget: They automatically retain information. Unfortunately, computer information is often not adequately protected and computer-related crime is rapidly growing.

The ability to discover and investigate the misuse or theft of sensitive information is becoming increasingly important if the information you store electronically is to remain intact and, more importantly, within your control.

Computer forensics is the scientific process of capturing (imaging) and analyzing information stored in any electronic format, for the purpose of investigating allegations, to find the truth, with no predisposition as to the outcome. It is a highly technical discipline requiring a combination of unique skills relating to computer technology and software, formal investigative experience (law enforcement), proper evidence handling methods, and judgment. Computer forensics can be the key to learning the truth, taking appropriate action based on the facts, or winning the case.

Alpha Omega Global partners with a globally recognized company to provide advanced computer forensic services.


Alpha Omega Global professionals assist organizations in evaluating the financial, commercial, regulatory and technological situations of potential merger candidates and understand the opportunities and challenges that may arise from a mergers or acquisition. In today’s global market, information is concealed and encrypted.

Due diligence provides a clear and transparent view of the actual risks and benefits.